Tomas – The Book

The 7th Chamber and Jupiter Marketing conspire for the promotion of Tomas, the 1st novel by James Palumbo, with four troubling yet amazing animations.




Tomas: 01.07

‘Absolutely amazing… it’s the most energetic, surreal and extraordinary novel I have read for a very long time…
it’s really remarkable.’
Stephen Fry

‘The noises I made whilst reading this book frightened people on the train.’
Noel Fielding

‘Either mad or genius or both!’
Rory Bremner

‘American Psycho comes to Europe.’
Pete Tong

Bloated bankers, Russian roubles, salacious socialites and filthy footballers: this is the meaning of life in the new millennium. Controlling it all is SHIT TV, the ultimate reality channel, which dares to put homicidal dwarves on rollerblades and obese mamas in tutus. Reluctant celebrity Tomas has had enough. Armed with a tommy gun revolver, he sets out to teach the world a lesson and becomes a messiah in the process.

Along the way he will combat the Russian Great Bear, travel a thousand years into the future and redefine the West, aided by a militant judge, an angelic prostitute, telekinetic alien and the greatest Frenchman who ever lived.

James Palumbo’s fantastical debut is a brilliant riposte of the financial crisis now engulfing us. Like Candide and Gulliver before him, Tomas will startle your imagination, yet linger in your mind. For what seems grotesque, even impossible, has already happened…

About The Author:

Educated at Eton and Oxford, James Palumbo began his professional career in the world of finance. In 1991 he co-founded the iconic London nightclub, Ministry of Sound, and now presides over a global, multi-media business – MSHK Group – renowned for its vision and daring ideas.
Palumbo’s strong opinions and refusal to be daunted by controversy have allowed him to create in Tomas, his first novel, a unique vision of the world, which aggressively challenges the moral corruption at the centre of the present financial turmoil.

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