Social Media Round Up

Another day, another dollar. Well, 7 days to be specific. But as we all know here at Diffusion Media Towers, a lot can happen in this time. So here’s another roundup to inform you of all the happenings in and around social media this week (and by default make you appear more social media savvy and clued up in front of your friends. I know. We’re too good to you.).

VW ‘The Force’ ad goes viral

With just over 4.5 milllion views in 2 days, VW continue to add to their roster of impressive advertising with the story of a pint size Darth Vader whose force powers fail him – until he’s faced with the new Passat. As informative as it is creative, VW always seem to come up trumps in the creative department – whilst not always releasing the most exciting models of cars (the Scirocco being a notable exception).

Return of the Spice! (sung to the tune of ‘Return of the Mack’)

Old Spice has had one of the, if not THE most popular and talked about viral adverts of all time with its brilliant campaign featuring ex football player Mustafah Isaiah as the ‘Man Your Man Could Smell Like’. And he’s set to make a return in a brand new campaign. Will Old Spice repeat the wild success of the first effort with another ab fest? Who knows, but our gut feeling is that the success (and brand rejuvenation) enjoyed by Old Spice after the last campaign would be impossible to duplicate.

Mark gets Zucker punched #worstgagever

Not even the CEO of Facebook’s account security settings were enough to stop a rogue hacker (and hero in many people’s eyes) accessing his page and posting a rather incendiary status update, which attracted thousands of ‘likes’ and responses. If Zuckerberg’s account isn’t safe, then whose is? Insert ‘privacy/Facebook taking over people’s lives/personal details at risk/stalker’ debate here.

Zuckerberg getting OWNED. Chin up maaate

Zuckerberg getting PWND

Egypt blocks Facebook and Twitter in wake of demonstrations

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are of paramount importance to more peaceful gatherings like flashmobs. Updating of organiser’s accounts is vital to convey information regarding locations and requirements for followers, but take on a far more revolutionary role when used to co ordinate mobs of disgruntled anti government protestors – as was the case in Egypt and Tunisia this week. Unrest has also spread to Yemen – the Arabian Gulf’s poorest country – who, taking inspiration from their neighbours success – have demanded that their president Ali Abdulah Saleh stand down after 23 years at the helm of the country.

As you can see, tensions have escalated in Egypt, with the people demanding that Hosni Mubarak stand down after 5 terms and allow for the people to decide the leader of their country. Which seems pretty fair? We’ll let the people decide (though I doubt the majority have access to Facebook Places and Twitter on their iPhones, or that Cairo has good 3G signal).

These guys know how to party/riot

These guys know how to party/riot.

Thanks to @jossyfree (one of 7th Chamber’s latest recruits),  I was also made aware of some shocking footage of diplomatic vehicles running over protestors, causing severe injuries and fatalities. The footage is pretty raw and shocking, and Youtube is constantly being uploaded with new footage. Keep your ear pressed to the ground for more.

Truly shocking viewing.

The Book Club

And now, on a far lighter note we have the culmination of all these events – the Diffusion Media outing to King Pong at the Book Club in Shoreditch. Tensions were running high in the office in the hours prior to this clash of the social media Titans with insults and over confidence (on my part) being the flavours of the day. After filling up the tournament with the cream of our office talent, Richard Spalding effortlessly sailed through the competition – all those years of squash giving him a wily knowledge of the dimensions of the table. After reaching the final (cutting down Grape’s very own Mark Malone in the process), the atmosphere within the bar had reached a fever pitch – think Centre Court, except with Cajun Thunders (thanks to the Grape Team for picking those up). However, a man who bought his own paddle and balls coolly dispatched our remaining social media flag flyer. Bit of a killjoy if you ask me, but I’m sure we’ll be back soon.

5 A Side

Having just arrived back from the 5 a side dojo, it’s quite clear 7th Chamber need to re think their strategy. Grape appear languid and effortless on the ball (helped in no small part by Joe Holt) whereas we appear to be sweating out collective hangovers. Sort it out fellas. And whilst we’re on the subject of football, a selection of highlights from Alex Micu’s hero, Gheorghe Hagi:

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