Superbowl Showcase

For all of you stayed up late to catch the Superbowl on TV, it probably wasn’t the estimated 11 minutes between the Packers and the Steelers which caught your attention but the bewildering array of adverts which peppered the play throughout (leaving me under the impression that the Superbowl was a competition between advertising agencies not football teams. Apparently the Packers won though. Who knew?).

With 30 second slots costing $3 million each, there wasn’t much room for error. Shame Bud Light decided to come up with this tawdry effort:

Apparently all you need for a home renovation (and an obviously expensively produced video) is a bucket of Bud Light and a couple – one of whom is overjoyed by the prospect of 6 low alcohol content beers on his kitchen island. We’ll let you guess which one it was. Aside from the fact that bucket is certainly going to mark the surface of his new kitchen, this advert is almost as unimaginative as the Black Eyed Peas new material (not just a dig at the multi platinum selling group, they provided some seriously dry half time entertainment). A poor start.

Happily, it seems that there was some bet going around Celebrityville to pull of ‘most shameless product endorsement’ of 2011. Whether it was Ozzy Osbourne and Justin Bieber (the original odd couple) collaborating to advertise Best Buy in a futuristic effort here:

Or Eminem’s metamorphosis into a bobbleheaded caricature,

competition was certainly stiff to see who could amass the biggest paycheck. Credit to Kim Kardashian though for showcasing her… ahem ‘talents’ in this steamy number:

Simon Cowell also un exploded:

But the 7th Chamber ‘oh my god how many views did they get on Youtube’ prize goes to a video previously featured on this blog – Volkswagen’s ‘The Force’ which has amassed a stunning 16 million views since its release 5 days ago. Whilst our black masked protagonist has some height issues (ok, he’s a child) he’s certainly struck a chord with Internet users – proving a combination of executive saloons and pint size Dark Lords equate to an ad mans dream. A special prize must go to Eminem’s creative stop motion animation too. So, the Superbowl – a viral seeders paradise.

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