Yet More News (Of a Musical Variety)

Hello, Hi, How are you all? Excuse me for these mid afternoon Tuesday high spirits (a time in the day when no man should be chirpy), but the 7th Chamber are on a roll after reducing what was once an embarassing football deficit to an altogether more respectable 20 – 18 (foiled by some bending of the rules by Grape Digital’s own Mark Malone) – helped no end by Chris, one of the new members of our sales team. I would NOT want to get in the way of a shot of this, put it this way.

Frivolities aside, today’s post has a distinctly musical flavour to it. So read on for an insight into the weird and wonderful world of prime time US music awards, Lady Gaga in an egg and Radiohead revolutionising the way we buy music… again.

The Grammy Awards

Youtube has been blowing up with footage of some of the acts performing this weekend, including this rather excellent footage of Rihanna, Eminem and Dr Dre collaborating like it’s nothing:

Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith getting down (ft. Usher):

and Lady Gaga hatching from an EGG (which she stayed in for hours beforehand):

Gaga needs no education in the value of marketing herself as a brand. The Haus of Gaga is a self promoting powerhouse, always looking for more weird and wonderful ways to get press coverage. Aesthetically speaking, she is unmatched in her ability to provoke shock (and outcry ). We presume no giant chickens were harmed in the making of this avian monstrosity though.

In other Grammy news, a real band actually won ‘Best Album’. We at the 7th Chamber have nuff respect for Arcade Fire, and heartily applaud them for securing this accolade ahead of more glossy, Auto Tuned opponents (we’re looking at you Bieber). One of the highlights of last year was this video, showcasing just how far interactive media has come in the last few years, complete with a soundtrack by one of our favourite bands. Win. It also goes to show how an indie band can secure one of music’s most prestigious awards, just by interacting with fans via social media and maintaining a respectable brand image and not ‘selling out’. A tricky balance, but they make it look effortless.

Radiohead are doing it again.

Not content with ripping up the rulebook with their 2007 ‘pay what you want’ release of ‘In Rainbows’, which averaged between $3 and $5/sale , Radiohead have subsequently thrown it in the bin with their latest offering ‘King Of Limbs’. Announced with only a few days to spare Yorke, Greenwood et al have dubbed it a ‘newspaper album’ , comprising of 2 10″ records, a CD, high quality MP3’s and album artwork packaged in what looks like, yes you guessed correctly, a newspaper.

They seem to have solved the problem of the habitual (il)legal downloader and offered up their music in a full package, including the warm crackly goodness of vinyl. No excuse for you illegal downloaders to not dig deep in those moth filled pockets and cough up some moolah. Well bloody done guys.

That’s it for today folks! Tune in sometime this week for more insightful, thought provoking writing.

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