Computers taking over the world and Taco Bell ruining mealtime

Wow, this week’s gone quickly! Time goes fast when you’re having fun it would seem. And fun is something very high up on the list for us here at Diffusion Media Towers. Why, we’ve only gone and got a bloody Beer Pong set. Yes, thanks to Mark Malone, we’ve gone all frat house and are going to be chest bumping and beer kegging our way through this evening. Expect some thrills, some spills and one hell of a headache for the cleaners this weekend.

It’s been a busy week in the world of social media – disclaimer: it’s always busy and we’re always working very hard – and we’ve got some great developments to inform you on. Grab the opportunity to appear well versed amongst your peers in this field of work and read on:

Taco Bell

Customers appear to have ‘beef’ with Taco Bell. Or rather Taco Bell’s don’t have beef in them? I’m confusing myself now. But anyway, 88% beef is according to USDA guidelines not high enough to be marketed as ‘premium seasoned beef’ (premium being a word no one has EVER associated with a Taco Bell product – I had one in Los Angeles and it tasted like cardboard soaked in trans fat) And posters like this one don’t really help their reputation. 36% beef? Sounds scrummy.

But it’s the way that Taco Bell have reacted to this backlash that has been at the very least mildly interested for the average onlooker. Whereas 5 years ago, companies may have adopted a blanket policy on coverage of the issue, Taco Bell decided to release the video below to explain the real secret behind that recipe. A sensible move to directly interact with social media users, but all I could think about was that the CEO Greg Creed hailed from Australia, and was therefore more likely to pop a few shrimps on the barbie than dig into a chemical pumped, water soaked beef wrap. I still prefer this Taco Bell video though.

Who needs Sherlock when you’ve got Watson

Now whilst you were busy writing your blog or posting on Reddit (or whatever it is you media types do(, an IBM supercomputer called Watson (cast your votes for Holmes related jokes now) busy whooping the ass of human contestants on Jeopardy – which is apparently a very big thing Stateside. Even the show’s long standing champion Ken Jennings was cast aside by Watson’s 15 terabytes of memory. He’s certainly no Terminator (no time travelling capabilities, he doesn’t resemble the Governor of California) but my god he cleans the floor in general knowledge and trivia. Which is just as well, because IBM’s technicians and programmers have spent years working on the inexplicably complicated software required to process all the data at Watson’s disposal.

The good news is that the software being used to win hundreds of thousands of dollars on primetime American TV also has a practical use – doctors can use the database to analyse patient’s symptoms and diagnose illness far more quickly than with traditional methods. Bravo IBM. Holmes would approve.

Lil Wayne < Oreo’s

With Facebook fan pages becoming more and more an integral part of companies marketing strategies, competition to achieve high numbers of ‘likes’ is at an all time high. And when one of raps biggest stars and ‘the world’s favourite biscuit’ lock horns, you know it’s going to kick off.

In 24 hours, Oreo achieved 114,619 likes. A very respectable number, until you put it next to the whopping 588,243 Lil Weezy racked up in the same time. Biscuits 1 Cash Money 0. The key behind it is engagement – if users feel they are being individually acknowledged for becoming part of a brand, then they’re far more likely to share their experiences and buy associated products. 50 Cent is tantamount to this – he constantly interacts with his 4,044,694 followers (albeit mostly to flirt with the numerous nubile females proclaiming love for him( and even made 8.7 million when he got his followers to invest in stocks.

What a week! We’re off to football now, and judging by Grape Digital’s hangovers, 7th Chamber should break the deadlock and emerge victorious!

Update – we didn’t win.

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