The Beautiful Game

Ladies and gentleman, mesdames et messieurs, we bring you a special gift to you this week. We’ve only gone and bought you El Classico a day early! That’s right, you’ll have the pleasure of seeing this clash of the Titans on a Thursday – and what a glorious Thursday this is. Of all the Thursday’s we’ve encountered, I like this one the most. It’s glorious out there!

So, after a healthy breakfast of processed meats and fried food courtesy of Franco’s – a breakfast which is making this writer feel thoroughly unwell – the 7th Chamber are raring to go. Craig’s even bought new gloves so we should be an unstoppable force once we step foot onto the artificial turf.

I’m not going to lie and say our performances have been exemplary – if anything we’ve been poor. A lack of substitutes may have unhinged us, but we’ll stand strong. Let’s just hope that Dan ‘Gattuso’ Holt doesn’t mistake my ankle for the ball again.

A reconstruction of what happened last week:

and what will happen to the perpetrator of above featured tackle if provoked:

Grape, you’ve been warned. Don’t make us come over there!


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