What’s that you say? You want more social media roundups?

Well, it’s been a busy week here in ‘le bureau’. And after drying my tears after yesterday’s defeat (with a notable cameo from Andy Mole, dragging 7th Chamber by the scruff of its neck to a more respectable score), I’ve come to the conclusion that the world needs informing once again of notable happenings in the media world. Yes, amidst the shame, crushing self doubt and pity, I’ve decided you guys come first.

Macbook Envy

Apple have announced a new range of Macbook Pro models (check out this unboxing by this mildly annoying Canadian here). Guaranteed to generate envy and lust amongst Apple’s followers, aesthetically it’s…. not really that different.

I could get all boring and techy on you guys (and blather on about Thunderbolt, the higher processing speed and the bigger trackpad), but what we’re really interested about is the big boost in wireless communications that Apple is predicting. With the proposal of Mac to Mac wireless sharing, they seemed to be prepared to make the leap of faith and phase out disk drives. Yet more innovation from those sleek, shiny Californians. Now let’s hope Jobs (or Jobbo/Steveo/Steve ‘looking for’ Jobs as he’s known in the office) recovers from his recent health scare and stays on the helm long enough to see Apple in for this one. Get well soon Jobbo!

Old Men… with Lightsabers

Having been informed of this video by Alex Micu (a man who is an expert at delving deep into the murky depths of Youtube, only to unearth gems) of two elderly French gentlemen who, upon disagreeing, choose to settle the dispute in a way that would make George Lucas proud. Yes, with lightsabers. Vader and Luke take note.

Elsewhere, footballers are evolving. By this I mean they’re finding more and more inventive ways of simulating fouls, not kicking the ball faster or developing super strength. Imagine the possiblities… Anyway, in an U20’s match between Chile and Ecuador, one of the Chilean players saw fit to take his opponent’s hand and move it towards its own face vigorously, thus creating the illusion of a flailing limb aimed at his face.

How CLEVER of them. The miners would not be happy.

Elsewhere, Justin Bieber got MERKED. Not in real life, as I’m sure that would provoke some mild hysteria from the legions of Beliebers (and registered Beliebophiles) following his every move. No, he actually did a decent job of playing a murderous teenager on a recent episode of CSI, until the agents finally caught up with his criminal ass and plugged him full of lead.

And, just for you, here’s a dubstep remix!

Until next time guys.


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