Rolling Subs?

That’s the question on everybody’s lips as the inevitable hour rolls around. Both teams showing depleted numbers in the run up to this weeks main event; the Grape Digital/ 7th Chamber footballing extravaganza. Head of Grape, and friend of popular rap singer/ eminent lecturer, Professor Green had little in the way of speculation before this event, preferring instead to retire to his famous ‘philosophy rug’, to think tactically about the clash.

That actually is him.

The only other speculation was on whether long-term ‘crying-off’ merchant Louise Earl, would make an appearance. Sources close to the Nigerian, Ladies, under 13 champion said “I honestly couldn’t tell you” – the most affirmative response yet regarding Earl’s attendance. Interestingly, Grape’s Ian Fuller (of the brewing family) has loaned a pair of shin pads, eradicating her usual excuse to not turn up.

With 30 minutes until kick-off, only time will tell.




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