I love the smell of football in the morning

Lucozades are being purchased. Muscles are being massaged. Dan Holt is getting his chesthair out. These shows of bravado can mean only one thing – It’s Football Friday at Diffusion Media Towers. Finally, after the mere distractions of Champions League football, the footballing community has something worthy of their full attention.

And with this wave of excitement come fresh faces. We’re pleased to see that Chris ‘Rocket Right Foot’ Mann is gracing us with his presence, but we’re less than pleased to see that Joe Holt has made what can only be described as a miraculous recovery. We obviously sent the heavies to the wrong address…

The 7th Chamber have understandably taken confidence from this swing of the pendulum, this rising of a new dawn (whoops, slipped into cliché mode there) and are confident that today will be the first of many glorious victories.

Grape, you can show as many ‘hilarious’ football videos as you want, but save the effort for the pitch.

But for those impatient folks who want a flavour of what’s going down on the pitch, have a look at this excellent article by the Guardian on the fine art of passing. An art that we will attempt to recreate on the gladitorial arena that is the 4 a side pitch. ‘Who needs Xavi when you’ve got Mole?’ is a statement frequently sent to us by our fan in the literally dozens of fanmail we recieve each year.

You’ve all been warned.


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