The Wonderful World of Charlie Sheen

Like anyone with an Internet connection, we at the 7th Chamber have been avidly following the trials and tribulations of a once great man – a man who at the very least mildly amused at times in the show that was Two And A Half Men (a spot which earnt him a reported $1.8 million per episode). Yes, we’re talking about Charlie Sheen. And if in case you’ve been stuck under a rock for the past week or so, you won’t know anything about his sordid weekends with porn stars and the now legendary ‘banging’ of ‘7 gram rocks’.

Charlie looking a little worse for wear.

Although Sheen’s plight is undeniably compelling and sad to some extent, what’s even more surprising is the reaction to his tales of excess and brutal honesty about his own drug use. Amidst the shadows and mirrors which encircle modern media, Sheen’s frankness is somewhat refreshing, as seen in this interview. (ABC News has disabled embedding by request. Sorry folks.) But the public reaction, especially in the realms of social media has been remarkable.

His Twitter account was newly created (with help from a a marketing firm called Ad.Ly) a few short days ago, has seen an unprecedented rise through the ranks of Twitter celebrities, taking only 25 hours and 17 minutes to obtain 1 million followers! A figure which, we think, would have surprised even Sheen.

And he’s put it to good use, connecting with his celebrity fans and providing an insightful look into his thought process – whilst making #winning and #tigerblood a must have trend for any socially aware Twitter user. And apparently Tiger Blood the drink has already been tweeted about by P Diddy – he claims that a combination of Redberry Ciroc and cranberry comprises of what will surely be this year’s most infamous beverage.

7th Chamber have never seen someone combine a public meltdown with such a surge in social media hype and business opportunities for Mr Sheen. Let’s hope that, amidst being unceremoniously dumped by the creators of Two And A Half Men (whose show was eerily parodied by House
just hours after the official announcement), Charlie Sheen can rise from the wasted remains of 7 gram rocks and continue ‘winning’.

Oh, and before I forget

Charlie on a roof with a machete. Did someone say ‘Viva la revolu├žione’?

Until next time!