The Wonderful World of Charlie Sheen

Like anyone with an Internet connection, we at the 7th Chamber have been avidly following the trials and tribulations of a once great man – a man who at the very least mildly amused at times in the show that was Two And A Half Men (a spot which earnt him a reported $1.8 million per episode). Yes, we’re talking about Charlie Sheen. And if in case you’ve been stuck under a rock for the past week or so, you won’t know anything about his sordid weekends with porn stars and the now legendary ‘banging’ of ‘7 gram rocks’.

Charlie looking a little worse for wear.

Although Sheen’s plight is undeniably compelling and sad to some extent, what’s even more surprising is the reaction to his tales of excess and brutal honesty about his own drug use. Amidst the shadows and mirrors which encircle modern media, Sheen’s frankness is somewhat refreshing, as seen in this interview. (ABC News has disabled embedding by request. Sorry folks.) But the public reaction, especially in the realms of social media has been remarkable.

His Twitter account was newly created (with help from a a marketing firm called Ad.Ly) a few short days ago, has seen an unprecedented rise through the ranks of Twitter celebrities, taking only 25 hours and 17 minutes to obtain 1 million followers! A figure which, we think, would have surprised even Sheen.

And he’s put it to good use, connecting with his celebrity fans and providing an insightful look into his thought process – whilst making #winning and #tigerblood a must have trend for any socially aware Twitter user. And apparently Tiger Blood the drink has already been tweeted about by P Diddy – he claims that a combination of Redberry Ciroc and cranberry comprises of what will surely be this year’s most infamous beverage.

7th Chamber have never seen someone combine a public meltdown with such a surge in social media hype and business opportunities for Mr Sheen. Let’s hope that, amidst being unceremoniously dumped by the creators of Two And A Half Men (whose show was eerily parodied by House
just hours after the official announcement), Charlie Sheen can rise from the wasted remains of 7 gram rocks and continue ‘winning’.

Oh, and before I forget

Charlie on a roof with a machete. Did someone say ‘Viva la revoluçione’?

Until next time!


A Friday Social Media Round-Up

Friday Round Up
It’s been a busy week as per usual at Diffusion Media Towers! Having recovered from the collective hangover inflicted by Mark’s 30th birthday celebrations, we’ve found time between our packed schedules to share with you the best of viral videos, social media news and goings on in house:

First of all, a look at our latest campaign with Burger King Singapore which follows the adventures of a vilgilante giant chicken standing up for the rights of the downtrodden Singaporean (think he may have got some tips from these guys and informing the island nation of new delicious chicken based products, what more could you want? Check out the video here:

On a similarly avian note, Angry Birds (the dumbfoundingly popular Iphone App, in case you are devoted to blackberry) is due to be released as an animated series. Seemingly not content with selling over 12 million units, they’ve branched into talk shows on Israeli TV and with this project in the pipe works (via @Mashable) Rovio look set to hit more gold.

Now, everyone texts. We spend hours of our days peering at screens, frantically punching out messages and emails to co workers and friends. But most of manage to keep this and water sports separate. Not this unfortunate woman ( who is now in the process of suing Berkshire Mall for failing to respond to her fall. I guess, like the rest of us, they were doubled up laughing.

Elsewhere, Ricky Gervais gained both plaudits and critics with a controversial (yet hilarious) opening speech at the 2011 Golden Globes.

Defying the normally tepid approach of previous hosts, Gervais’s razor sharp wit scythed through the room, leaving stars like Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie shell shocked. Something tells me Gervais won’t be getting an invite for the next awards ceremony… But at least he’s agreed to appear in the American version of the Office!

Games like Grand Theft Auto and Manhunt have created headlines for their shocking content and are frequently played by kids far younger than the 18+ certificate displayed on the game casing. Normally concerned parents are normally disgusted by the explicit material that makes up the gaming experience – but not Dino Ignacio. When confronted by the cheery sight of a man being disemboweled here , she just laughs manically. A sign of the times maybe? Or just an elderly Hispanic woman with a taste for gratuitous violence? We’ll let you decide.

Now for some far more important updates from the offices of the 7th Chamber. We are happy to announce that productivity and efficiency is set to increase massively with the introduction of a PS3 complete with Fifa 11 and COD. Requests for meeting room ‘brainstorms’ are at an all time high. Meanwhile, tensions are have reached fever pitch due to the impending Grape/7th Chamber 4 a side derby. Insults are being flung around Outlook. Threats are being made. The atmosphere in the office is crackling with energy. Both sides are going into the fixture confident, but there can only be one winner.

Check back next week for the outcome of this clash of the titans and more news, oddity and work-distracting video content from the wonderful world of viral and social media.

The Social Media Toolbox for PR people

Monitoring Tools

A whole bunch of ways you can read, subscribe to and monitor blogs.
A great free web-based reader. Also has the ability to sync with your BlackBerry.
Google Reader
Google’s web-based feed reading tool. Some pretty nice features and very easy to use.
Canuck PR Toolbar
A neat little toolbar that installs in Explorer or Firefox. Quick links to top Canada PR, Marketing, Media bloggers with links to other resources and podcasts.
The premier search engine for blogs.
Google Blog Search
Google’s blog search tool.
Talk Digger
Helps you find which blogs are linking to other blogs and websites. Just type in the URL and it will show you who is linking. A great way to discover bloggers who are linking to your company’s or clients’ websites.
An amazing tool that lets you search a variety of podcasts by keyword and then allows you to listen to the exact moment in the podcast where the word appears. Cool.As of Jan/06, everyzing also searches the audio stream on youtube for keyword mentions.

Analysis Tools

Free tools and paid services that will allow you to put some context around what’s going on in the blogosphere.
Ice Rocket Trends tool
A great free tool that allows you to compare blog buzz across various search terms.
Provides a snapshot of negative vs. positive blog posts. Not an exact science, but still worth a look.
A third-party blog monitoring service. You have to pay for this one.
Nielsen Buzz Metrics
Another third-party service that you have to pay for.
A very cool online monitoring service that offers both monitoring and analysis.

Interaction Tools

Tools that allow you to easily track your interactions with bloggers.
Lets you track the comments you’ve left on other blogs without having to keep returning to see if they’ve been answered.

Blogging Tools

Want to start blogging? Try any of these. I’m partial to WordPress myself.
Easy to use, set up, etc. Lots of add-ins, plug-ins, hacks and customization available.
Professional, easy-to-use with lots of plug-ins available. The choice of many top bloggers.
The basic entry level platform.


Sometimes you need a stat or two to make a point to a client or colleague. tag “stats”
I save any stats I come across on my

Miscellaneous resources

Other stuff that may come in handy.
The New PR Wiki
A fantastic resource for everything that has happened and is currently happening with PR and Social Media.
Business Week: Blogs Will Change Your Business
Interesting reading from Business Week from May 2005.
The Economist: Among the Audience
The Economist published several articles on blogging in April 2006 that are worth reading. Time’s Person of the Year: You — Dec. 25, 2006 — Page 1
In 2006, the World Wide Web became a tool for bringing together the small contributions of millions of people and making them matter
Feedburner PR network
I created and manage Feedburner’s PR blogger network. It’s an aggregate feed of some of the globe’s top PR bloggers.